Let’s Get Critical

It is well past the time in the semester where I should have posted this but as the saying goes ‘it’s better late than never’ so let’s crack into this and get critical!

For this assignment (and because I was late completing it) I decided it would be the best approach to provide feedback on the DA projects that had fewer comments than others. I chose these particular Betas’ as their focus areas related well to my subject knowledge and therefore it was advice I didn’t feel like an imposter giving.

Overall, I think the quality of my analysis and comments has improved from the first time this task was undertaken. I feel this time that my comments and related links were much more specific to what they are choosing to focus on. Additionally, I think my advice- while sometimes long-winded was thoughtful and not as generalised as my last comments were in that I communicated actual steps to help rather then vague, generalist statements.

Lani-The Future of Video Games

For Lani’s DA she is posting weekly blog posts relating to different aspects of the video game industry and how it will be affected over the next 5-10 years. This project resonated with me as I have been thinking that a centralised platform with all the relevant information regarding the video game industry is an exciting prospect. I think my comment was unique in the respect that it didn’t just examine this project from a BCM325 timeline, but also looked to its future utility- if and when she decides to scale.

Additionally, I feel my ability to address the concerns she specifies in her video and how I can relate it back to my own DA has improved substantially since the last time I completed this task. This has reinforced the idea of foresight that was introduced in week four’s lecture.

Although we both have vastly different topic areas, there are underpinning transferable skills applicable across both our subjects. Furthermore, without engaging in self-analysis it wouldn’t have been possible to arrive at this realisation. 

Imogen- Virtual Art Gallery

I was so excited by Imogen’s Beta pitch. I really liked how she is taking advantage of what 2020 has thrown at us and is using her DA to enhance her personal portfolio (and her presence as an artist) simultaneously. I felt very confident in the advice I shared with Imogen as I am going through a similar journey and the effects of experiencing creative block. Being fortunate myself to have a mentor who specialises in the area Imogen was struggling with, I felt comfortable to share resources that had been so useful for me when I was in the same situation. I think that by addressing a more abstract problem, it was beneficial for the logistical barriers she was facing.

Conversely, in regards to improving her Instagram I find that advice in this area can be very generalised; leaving a lot of room for interpretation. I hoped that by specifically addressing a process that (from personal experience working in social media roles) works, that she would have a more concrete idea of the next steps to engage a larger following. 

Jasmine- Accessibility Through Technology

Jasmine’s Beta is focused on the accessibility of technology in three key areas: online consumer buying patterns and trends, the future and development of sex robots, with a secondary focus on the future of fixed contract marriages. Since two of her key areas revolved around relationships, I feel I presented a strong case to help narrow her focus on what is such a broad topic area. I took a personal approach with this comment, as there was a chance to incorporate some of the research I had undertaken for a different subject that strongly aligned with her area of focus. I also shared my twitter account in this comment as (even though it was late) I may be able to assist further in the future and wanted to extend that option should she continue this project.

Future Improvements!

I am disappointed that I was not able to fulfil a key aspect of what I needed to improve on last time- my time management! This meant that my submitted comments weren’t as helpful as I intended them to be. I can be hard on myself about this but I am also aware that these are unprecedented times i.e. key conditions for anxiety to run rampant and that I tried to make the best of a difficult situation. 

Something I have identified to improve on in future is reigning in my strong perfectionist tendencies to focus on a few key points rather than assessing each aspect of the Beta and potentially overwhelming the person the comment is intended for. In short… I realise that I have provided more information with the intention to help than what may have been needed.

Less important, albeit nit-picky elements I strive to improve in future is my pre-occupation with not using repetitive words or sentence structures. I found myself severely editing my work when it was not necessary.

In conclusion by undertaking this process of self-analysis and self-reflection I have gained incredible insights into my strengths and weaknesses and I think it is such a crucial assignment to help us to think like futurists (and to apply these key skills in the communication workplace); to imagine our own and the collective future. 

-Lizzellbee 🙂

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